clearString’s Web Content Management Tool and How it Caters To Small Businesses

November 07, 2013 Content Writing

When one thinks of an open source, free content management tool, one usually thinks of Joomla or WordPress. While these tools are, no doubt, as fantastic as they promise to be, the compatibility of their add-ons (plug-ins), features and quality, when measured, might leave you with a reluctance to use them. This is due to the fact that there are some issues like synchronized updates of the system and add-ons, security loopholes, compatibility with current systems and lack of trust on third-party add-ons that seem to crop up. The main issue is that there is no guarantee that the add-on or plug-in will be compatible with the system version you are using for your website. User feedback on every update and product, as well as the developer’s regular updates to stay current and compatible with the system, is what determines whether these plug-ins or add-ons will work for you or not.

To eliminate the fear of compatibility and do away with security issues, many companies have devised their own paid or free content management tools. Everything that their systems need would either be developed in-house by these companies, or outsourced to third-party suppliers but carefully monitored. One such content management tool has been offered recently by clearString. clearString announced that they have released the newest version of their integrated web CMS that is designed specifically for small businesses.

Differences between clearString, open-source CMS giant WordPress and paid CMS Sitecore

clearString offers small business owners a product that has the versatility and functionality of both paid and open-source systems, thereby combining the best of both worlds. Here are some of the capabilities and advantages of clearString:

The Background

clearString is a web application development and a web content management software that is built on the neatComponents™ engine. Its USP is that it has been built specifically to cater to budget-centric enterprises and small businesses. Because clearString has been built on the neatComponent platform, this tool has some pretty amazing attributes has such as easy installation, management creation, and distribution of data driven applications and web content.

The Features of the clearString web content management tool

  •  Easy one click installation.
  • Automated database management and installation.
  • Integration with social media.
  • SEO Optimization.
  • Complete integration of private (intranet) and public (internet) sites.
  • WYSIWYG controls.
  • High security.
  • Simple integration with Google Analytics.
  • Unlimited user-generated micro-sites.
  • Section building and Drag and Drop pages.
  • Intelligent reporting and searching.
  • Integrated email for marketing campaign creation.
  • Unlimited customizable forms for the collection and display of data.
  • Ability to change appearances for different media devices by powerful themes system.
  • Dynamic automatic navigation and site map.
  • E-Commerce with a fully integrated engine that includes multi-part product bundles, multiple currencies, shopping cart, stock control, payment gateway integration, as well as shipping and tax calculations.
  • Multi-level access to role-based administration.

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