Customer Engagement and Social Media are Paramount for B2B Marketers

March 06, 2014 B2B

Customers and prospects are changing immensely due to social media and it is about time that B2B marketers sit up and take notice. Whatever B2B marketers believed about social media needs to change and it needs to b viewed as the vital tool that it is, that allows brands to connect with customers and prospects efficiently.

It’s time see prospects as people and not just PDFs

B2B prospects are known to be exclusive where their time is concerned. A series of PDFs for each stage of the buying process or a simple datasheet just won’t cut it anymore. They want to know everything there is to know about a company at an intrinsic level and not just from an outer parameter.

Customers want to learn through social media

Till date, there are many top-level business associates who still debate whether investing in social media is profitable and viable or not. This debate is a rather short-sighted one, especially if these associates are leaning more towards ignoring social media altogether. Whether it is in a B2B or a B2C scenario, one absolutely cannot discredit the power of social media and its imminent value. Social media has a measurable effect on the marketing efforts of a business. It is through social media that the current and next generation of B2B customers want to stay ahead on brands that they subscribe to and learn new solutions for old problems. That is why the value of social media needs to be seriously evaluated in a business’ marketing efforts. It might be able to connect them with their customers and spark innovative ideas through sales, marketing, and product development.

Stimulating success for your business in the minds of a customer

There is nothing that adds more value to a company that if we’re making the effort to be the best they could be, with their customers as their main focus. A B2B marketer can gain their customer’s trust if they take the time out to get under their skin and figure out what makes them tick. There may be quite of evidence to the contrary that states that there is not much value for investing in social media in manufacturing and B2B marketing, but customers are choosing to learn quicker and in a more seamless manner through social media.

What this means for businesses is that customers are changing. And they are doing so much faster than most B2B marketers are giving them credit for. It is important that as a business, you view social media not just as a B2C communication platform where you engage consumers, but also as a medium and an opportunity to communicate your B2B goals and earn the respect and trust of a consumer by offering them high-value content that they find useful on a continuous basis. When you recognize the potential of social media, you are pulling out all the stop for your business to meet its B2B goals.

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