Design Speaks Louder than Words

February 19, 2016 Graphic Design

Let’s talk about the ideology behind the creation. Visual content is trending day in and day out. It is replacing the written books. Have you heard about infographics? These are highly being used to convey detailed information in visual form. The millennial generation tends to visualize more than having time to read long boring informational content. Hence, illustrations speak louder than words… for instance, if you have to create an advertisement, instead of writing the essentials if you design them in a visual, it will catch more attention and convey things in a better way. So these big brands who want to explain their business to their audiences, make smart use of visuals meaning their logo design. Having a convincing logo is very essential and proves to be very powerful.

Entering the behind the screen of most popular logos:

    • BaskinRobins

      What do you notice first when you see the logo? BR? Or 31? Oh! that’s the beauty of the logo. The very smartly designed logo enfolds the complete story! BR resonates the founders, Baskin and Robin while the code behind the number 31 is, the number of types of flavors they sell. Now whenever you see the logo, you will know the history and can flaunt the box of your knowledge within your group.


  • FedEx

    The secret is not so prominent with everyone, yet smart. The hidden arrow created using the white space between the letters ‘E’ and ‘X’ shows the fast and forward moving strategy of the company. It is a very clever use of letters in the illustration.

  • Le tour de France

    The logo has an intelligent and imminent use of typography, the ‘O’ of tour looks like a tire of a cycle and the letter ‘R’ is designed in such a way that it feels like a man riding the bicycle.

  • Unilever

    The logo contains lot of small icons every one of them stands for one business they deal in. the logo looks unified and single but the thought given to it is commendable! Combining all the industries in one logo is very thoughtful!

  • Kolner Zoo

    Do you see the elephant? We see giraffe and other zoo animals too…It was difficult to spot in the first glance. If you still haven’t spotted the others, look out for the blank spaces!

  • Beats

    The logo itself speaks for what beats is! The ear shaped earphone is so simplistic, minimal and loud.

    Since we said, illustrations speak louder than words, see if you can tell the hidden meaning in the pictures below,


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