Five Steps to Use Content Marketing To Convert Users to Customers

October 28, 2013 Content Writing

Content marketing isn’t a revolutionary new product and the best practices for acquiring leads haven’t really changed since the last few years. But its tactics have definitely been updated.

Here are some tactics that tech companies are using to use content marketing to convert users into customers

Step One: Blog to your heart’s content

Blogging place in the lead generation process has changed over the years. Blogging at the correct pace of quality information and blog posts is where your conversion happens. Blogs bring new visitors to your website, it disseminates information, it answers questions, and it educated users until they are ready to engage with your business.

Step Two: Explore the potential of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the hot, new way for buyers and prospects to get to know you. With a reach, an active user base of 200,000 million business people, including 5.5 million technology managers, and 2 million C-level executives, LinkedIn is a veritable goldmine waiting to be tapped into by IT marketers. Using social media for lead generation may be a new concept, but it is very likely that it will take the world by storm any day now. And it is evolving almost every single day.

Step Three: Use hooks, lures, and baits to collect contact information of potential consumers

Step 1 told you how to establish a foundation with users by offering them relevant, engaging content in the form of blogs. Step 2 informed you about the power of LinkedIn in connecting with prospective users and spreading awareness. Now that you have all these connections, it’s time to turn them into leads. To do that, you must take your relationship with them to another level by getting them to commit to you. That commitment refers to providing some basic information about themselves. One of the best ways to gather this information is to offer something free and valuable that they will want to avail of in return for the information you seek. Create a great giveaway or enhance an old one, design a landing page that promotes the giveaway, capture the information you seek, and use your blog or LinkedIn to drive people here.

Step Four: Manage your prospects

Over time, you will find that people will be more willing to have a conversation that could turn them into a potential customer. Successfully managing your prospects is a critical step in generating leads and is where your content shines through. While reports and white papers may still do the trick, and can offer specific solutions. Demos, case studies, free trials, videos, webinars, product sheets, are all things that work very well in managing your prospects.

Step Five: It’s sales time!

Now that you have cleverly hooked your prospect and built a relationship with them, it’s time for the sales team to take over.

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