Hear What Tale the Colors Tell

July 02, 2015 Graphic Design

How boring would it be to see everything in black & white! Remember those old-time movies? Colors make it so much more desirable to look at.

There are many theories about colors all over the net, but here, we are going to acquaint you with the proprieties of traditionally used colors.

Different colors affect the viewer’s perception of multifariously. When our eyes read a color, our brain releases a hormone which induces mood swings, emotions, attitude and feelings resulting in the ultimate behavior.
Colors on your website tend to throw back the essence of your brand effectively. Astonishing how colors with designs create a complete amiable visual!

Let’s see the riches of colors:

  • Red


    Red is the color of excitement and passion, and it ruminates youth and boldness. It has power and holds importance and hence is mostly used in the warning signboards to draw attention. Websites can use red to attract visitors (especially women), red is the most attractive color of all. It attracts attention, but you’ve got to be careful while using red because, too much of red might distract the viewer and cause anxiety, and so it might be like putting the cat amongst the pigeons!

    To avoid the backfire, using lighter shades or colors which balance red is advisable.


  • Yellow


    Yellow is most luminous color. It is the first color that our eye reads and so is usually used on cautionary signs and for an emergency. Bright yellow resonates energy and happiness. Darker shades of yellow resonate, authority, wisdom, curiosity in designs. Yellow is known for its versatility.

    Yellow shows eternity, this character of timelessness makes an everlasting effect on your website. Out of all the myths about this color, this one is most hilarious, ‘husband and wife fight more in yellow rooms’ LOL.

    Talking about the use of yellow in websites, it promotes creativity also giving an optimistic message about the brand.


  • Green


    Green is a cool color but also is a link between both warm and cool set of colors. It acquires the relaxing and cool qualities of the cold blue and the energy from yellow color.

    Green is the color you are looking for if your website has to do something with nature, and environment. The first thing what green shows is the outdoors, nature, environment, and is ideal for organic products. In other words, it is like ‘the ambassador of the brand, nature.

    Apart from nature, green also shows stability, growth, and creativity.

    It is appropriate for a call to action button. It stands out when used in contrast with isolation effect.


  • Blue


    Blue is the color which creates trust and security. It is often referred to as being tranquil, generates a sense of loyalty and creates depth in the designs. It makes visitors believe & have faith in the brand. Blue is the color of Intellects and creates dependability.

    Blue is a cool color which goes with almost every kind of content and is also used by world’s biggest networks! FACEBOOK?


  • Orange


    Orange is a Fun-tastic color. It reflects fun, carrying a casual attitude. It pumps in confidence and energy.
    Orange is a color of sport, splashing it in websites talking about sports and kids will work!

    It is not a good idea to involve more of orange in a design, centering its loud nature. Like it’s said, less is more; Orange makes its presence prominent even if sparingly used…

    It is used for drawing attention, hence popups are designed in orange to grab the eye.

    Sometimes, orange also resembles cheap meaning affordable. If you are advertising some inexpensive products, you can go for orange anytime!


  • Black


    Black is the color of Elegance.

    Black is a sign of luxury and adds value and weight to the designs. A few of everyone’s favorites (Vero Moda, Mango, and ZARA) use black to attract.

    It resonates sophistication and timeless trust on the brand.

    When black is used with purple it shows the elegance and sensuality of the brand. It can also acquire glamorous quality when used with appropriate sense.

    It is endless that one can talk about this color, many are victims of its ‘Black’-Magic.


  • White


    White lets you breathe. It brings balance to your design.

    White marks out purity and simplicity. Often the use of white space on your website makes your design look admirable.

    Wondering why it is not considered in the color theory by many, sadly it is the color that is often forgotten. The most popular design in white is GOOGLE itself!

    White is a classic color!

    White is serene, white is freedom, white is vogue, white is what white is! Oh, the obsession of white has taken us all.

    Colors are as important as the basic structure of the design on the website. Colors can highly manipulate visitor’s mood and keep them gelled up with the site. In web designing, every element of the design induces a change in the other.

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