How to Choose the Best Infographics Company in India

May 02, 2014 Graphic Design

There is more to design than just creating beautiful artwork. In the world of marketing, an effective design is one that not only grabs the eyeballs but also speaks to the heart. Effective marketing design is about achieving the perfect blend between providing information and influencing the customer to take positive action. Communication is the keyword here. So when looking for the best infographics company in India, you should ensure that you choose one that can create designs that tug at the heartstrings of your target audience and appeals to their intellect. Keep the following tips in mind when looking for an Indian infographics company to give shape to your ideas.

Enquire About Experience and Expertise

After you have pored over classified advertisements and browsed through the Internet, you will have a list of Indian infographics companies who can potentially deliver your work. Now shortlist these companies based on their experience and expertise.

Concentrate on the companies that have been around for quite some time. That they have stuck around in a fiercely-competitive world is ample proof of their capabilities and professionalism. But of course, you should also consider their designing expertise. Do not be fooled by Art degrees. While these degrees definitely prove that the artists on board the company can create beautiful art, they do not indicate that the artists will be able to craft effective marketing material. After all, infographics are not just artwork. The most effective infographic is the perfect aesthetic blend of text and graphics. So when looking for the best infographics company in India, look for those that also have designing communication specialists on board to guide their artists.

Ask to See Their Portfolio

Experience and expertise should not be the only criteria when choosing an infographic company to create your marketing material. You should also ask to see their portfolio of similar works. The portfolio is the best evidence of the capabilities of a specific company. The samples that they have created will give you an idea about the designing abilities of the artists and communication specialists in the company. Their works will also enable you to determine if the professionals are capable of effectively translating ideas into words and images.

Ask for Client Testimonials

The Indian infographic company you choose to hire should not only be able to design your marketing material but should also carry out the job professionally. The honesty, integrity, and the ease of doing business with an entity are best indicated by client testimonials. While choosing an infographic company, you should ask to be shown client testimonials. Make sure that these are real by asking for contact details of these clients so that you may get in touch with them in person.

When trying to find the best infographics company in India, ensure that you are not lured by someone who promises to do your job at an abysmally low rate. Remember quality comes at a price and anyone who quotes a rate that is much below the market standard will be sure to cut corners when doing your job.

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