How to Get More Followers on Twitter

October 29, 2013 digital marketing

Firstly, it should never be the ultimate goal of any brand or business only to get more followers on Twitter. What is more important that sheer numbers is the quality of your followers. That being said, having a battalion of followers on Twitter who engage with you have been every brand and business’ dream. So what can one do to get more followers on Twitter?

Here are some tips and tricks everyone can use to get more followers on Twitter :

  • Guest Blog

    While many people view guest blogging as more of an SEO manoeuvre as it is known to be a super way to build backlinks, it can help you get more followers on Twitter. If your blog contain valuable, informative, engaging content, your readers will be hungry for more and will most likely end up following you on your brand’s social media profile. Your content will also be more likely to be shared on your users’ network, therefore raising awareness among a larger group of followers.

    Make it easy for your fans to locate you by adding media handles in your bio. This allows you to get the most out of your guest blogging initiative. While you must include both your LinkedIn profile and Twitter handle on your bio, a Twitter handle adds more appeal.

  • Host Webinars

    Webinars are a great way to get more followers on Twitter. Not only can you use Twitter to promote your webinar to your followers, you can also ask them to retweet your webinar in order to spread the word. This will lead to more people discovering you and a better turnout. Encouraging your attendees live tweet while your event is on will increase your reach and engagement, which will eventually lead to you being exposed to a wider audience.

  • Speak at a Conference

    When you speak at a conference, you can turn an offline tactic into an online success. The people that attend your conference are the same people you would want following you on Twitter. You can make it easy for them to follow you by including your Twitter handle in your bio as well as in your presentation, on each slide. You can also ask your audience to live tweet your presentation which will increase your reach and help you build relationships.

  • @Reply

    @Reply is a great way to increase your followers on Twitter. When you reply to someone’s tweet, it takes the form of something more ‘personal’ and helps you stand out among the din on Twitter. But be sure that your reply is engaging enough to spark a social conversation. Instead of just making a statement, why not ask a question to perpetuate the conversation. Adding value to a conversation will lead to a response, and maybe even a follow. The reciprocal engagement that is sure to take place is more important than the single follow as it will increase your reach and followers on Twitter.

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