February 11, 2016 Graphic Design

“Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” ~Words of wisdom from Steve Jobs.

So are our beliefs here at Infinista Concepts. Simplicity is the supreme excellence.
If you have taken a keen look at our portfolio, simplicity prevails in every piece of art crafted with colossal zeal and creative simplicity (sometimes it’s alright to swagger your good work).
Our ideal is to deliver wit, stupidity & simplicity in a package of transparent creativity. Further in this article, we have amazing tips for an effortless child’s play to move mountains (as Steve says). Our thumb rule is to KISS everything we do. By that we have no double meaning*wink*, it just means, Keep It Simple, Stupid.

So the first axiom is-

1. Do not overdo anything! A simple structure, which is self-explanatory would be great to start with. Complex things start to entangle ideas, an idea should be executed simply to maintain its value. Avoid ornamental elements and keep it functional only.

To move along the same road,

2. Think like a child- look at the world with curious eyes; it will definitely help you KISSing. Curiosity opens new doors, and answers unanswered, often ignored questions.
Although it is a tough road to continue, a person with determination of making a forever realm would master it in no time!

3. Work & rework & over work until the result does not need an explanation (as our beliefs say, ‘it should be self-explanatory’. Minimalism is the key to help man solve codes of complex puzzles. Keep only the necessary, remove the artificial decoration.
Note- Do not beat around the bush, keep it simple, stupid. Make it silently elegant and memorable.

4. Eradicate everything that is non-functional.  As stated above, ‘Minimalism is the key’ while working on anything be it an advertisement design, a website, a code, writing a plan, etc. we mean everything you do, this KISS formula is flexible and universal. Keep what is necessary and remove the ornamental things. For e.g.- while designing a graphical representation of a car, we can skip the brand name, the exact shape and addition features which when removed will not make any major difference in understanding that it’s a car. Similarly, when planning a report format we can skip decorative tables and too many stats, keeping the necessary items that are enough to show the objective will be simpler to understand and also easier to make.

To give you’ll an extra dosage of simplicity, here’s a quote from the Creative genius who fascinates all of us.


So design in a way that you can explain through your design and not have to sit and explain the theory behind it. Design like it’s a fact that’s universal and not doubtful.

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