Reasons To Choose Professional Press Release Writing Services

October 09, 2013 Content Writing

Press release writing is an important and efficient way to communicate a message to consumers, partners, investors or the media. Any kind of publicity, including the generation of press releases, increases the visibility of a company. Signing up with a professional press release writing agency like Infinista Concepts will give you an edge over your competition and add a level of credibility and legitimacy to your business. Here are some reasons to choose a professional agency to help with your press release writing needs.

1. One of the most important parts of a press release is the headline. A strong headline and in the case of a digital press release, a pertinent email subject line will draw in your target audience. Professional agencies like Infinista Concepts that specialise in writing press releases understand the importance of an engaging and accurate headline.

2. Your target audience are busy individuals who do not have the time to read pages and pages of material. Therefore, it is important to draw them in, in the very first paragraph. All your important information, and basically the subject of your press release needs to be in the first sentence with supplementary information following it in the rest of the press release. A company whose expertise lies in press release writing will help formulate this for you.

3. A press release seems more legitimate and credible if there are hard facts and figures included that support the significance of your announcement or product. If you have a claim to make, a professional writing agency will ensure that you have substantial facts and figures to back up that claim. When your argument is quantified, it is bound to be more compelling.

4. Any press release will lose its significance if it is rife with grammatical copy errors. It is important to proofread a press release before sending it out. Professionals in the business will not only ensure that your press release is free from errors, but will also proof-read it.

5. Every press release must have quotes from someone in the company to give it a human element. It allows your target audience to connect to what is being conveyed. An agency will identify the best person to provide that quote for your press release.

6. It is important to be concise and crisp. Professional press release writing agencies will advise you that a press release should ideally be only about a page long, two at the most. Any more, and you tend to lose your reader in endless information that they will have to sift through.

7. While it is important to keep it short and simple, there is no reason not to tout about your miscellaneous accomplishments or other noteworthy things. Digital press releases may include relevant links to company’s achievements which will lead interested readers back to your company website. Guiding interested parties for more information and keeping their interest piqued can be a crucial component of a good press release.

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