Simple tricks to get your content rank high on Google

October 10, 2016 Content Writing

If any of the following is true for your presence on the internet, ignore this write-up.

  1. You already have a huge fan following.
  2. You are there for fun and don’t care about followers
  3. You are answering a query and hence need only one person’s attention.

If none of them is correct in your case, then this article is for you!

The million-dollar question today is how does one get ranked high on Google Search?

One way is to get a good web development company to work for you. OR else, simply do-it-yourself!

Earlier, with liberal use of keywords, one could get a good ranking in Google search. But today, Google has become smarter and thinks just like you and me. Google wants to know the context of the content rather than just match the keywords alone before ranking the content.

Let’s say your content is about cars. Google will study and categorise the context accordingly – models, buying, selling, maintenance, performance, tech specs, complaints etc. When somebody searches for, say car performance, all documents with context of car performance (and not keyword alone) will be thrown up.

This is what Google studies for every content on the net:

  • Context of topics rather than keywords alone

    Today, the keyword is simply a ‘good to have’ activity. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) – synonyms or words similar to the keywords have started gathering significance. LSI does away with the need to overkill the content with keywords, but at the same time helps in getting a better ranking since it helps in creating a context. So, focus on creating the context with LSI along with keywords.

  • Formatted content

    Google studies its visitor’s behaviour and knows their likes and dislikes. It will prioritise the ranking accordingly. Neatly arranged and formatted content is always ranked higher than others because we as humans prefer such formatted content over others. People generally like;

    • Use of smaller sentences and paragraphs. This makes the content easy to comprehend.
    • Use of heading and sub-heading to make reading and understanding easy for both the visitor and Google. Organised content always is preferred.
    • Make the special words stand out and ring a bell with Google and with the reader by writing them Bold, italic or underlined.
    • Enhancing the contents’ readability and context creation by using bullets and numbering instead of long sentences and/or paragraphs.
    • Don’t stuff the page with information. Keep it clean and pleasing to the eye for better comprehension.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. This is true for Google search too!
  • Headline should be as attractive as a candy wrapper. Exciting headlines are bound to attract attention and improve rankings.Research suggests that optimum headline length is between 50 to 70 characters. Anything on either side is bound to make it uninteresting for both Google and the reader.
  • The content length should be just enough to keep the interest levels aroused. Too long or too short and the reader and Google will lose interest dropping the ranking.

Some of the best content developers know this inside information and ensure that their content matches these requirements making it attractive, just like a candy wrapper.  We’re sure you do not wanna left be out.


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