Soup Up Your Google+ Profile in 5 Easy Steps

November 16, 2013 digital marketing

Google+ is a true game changer. Often marketers have dismissed the potential of the platform and have considered it to be the lesser equal of social media giants like Twitter and Facebook. But in the coming year, no one will be able to dismiss the potential of Google+. It will be recognized as the powerful social force it is and people will start to view it as a personalized web experience that integrates all interactions a user has with Google products. That is why it is important that your Google+ profile is dazzling, to say the least.

Here are five ways to bling out your Google+ profile:

1. Start a business page and use it as the home base for your Google+ profile

Build your brand or business page with Google+ is a great idea because not only is it super easy to do but also because the marketing benefits are massive from a move like this. This ensures that your comments, status updates, and the items that you “+1” show up as your business. Do a great job with your content and visual identity. The possibilities are endless with cover photos on Google+, unlike Facebook where restrictions are plenty. There’s ample of opportunity to get creative here. Use your Google+ profile for all commercial interactions thereby consolidating your visual identity across channels, and building brand recognition.

2. Use Google Hangouts Extensively

Google Hangouts is one of the most unique features of Google+. This video chat and streaming application within Google+ allows users to share the screen with up to 10 participants at a time. This is a great free platform to create a webinar-like experience where users can stream the video in real-time to an audience. The video is a great way to engage customers and this can lead to people wanting to make the effort to connect with you on your Google+ profile.

3. Segment Your Marketing with Google Circles

People are organized into ‘circles’ on Google+. You can control what a person in a specific circle can see or has access to. If a user is interacting with this network for personal reasons, their classifications may be based on family, friends, colleagues etc. But the demarcation becomes a bit more pertinent when it comes to professional circles. For instance, your message or communication would target a board of directors differently from employees or members of the press. Segmenting your audience on Google+ makes it easier to control your communication and who sees that communication.

4. Create Communities

Google+ has a community feature, which if you are active in a value-added, constructive, format, is a great way to expand your Google+ universe. Here, you will make new contacts and present content to a far wider audience. If you can’t find a community that you want to join, create your own. If you are looking to create a private group for your clients or team Google+ is the place to do it. In fact, there are many companies that are using Google+ as part of their CRM systems.

5. Own your Google+ Local Real Estate

Google+ is an important tool to ensure online visibility in search engines. Google’s Local was replaced by Google+ Local. When Google+ users search for your business, they will receive reviews about you, which could impact your search results. Fill out all contact information on your Google+ profile so that more users may find you easily.

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