Top Reasons Why Your Brand Isn’t Acquiring As Many Followers on Twitter

November 11, 2013 digital marketing

Not getting enough Twitter followers? Here’s why that’s probably happening:

1. Your Twitter bio is missing

If you don’t have a Twitter, how do people know who or what you’re all about? While you may argue that everybody knows who you are, and what you do, but for the sake of those who don’t, a Twitter bio is a great way to familiarise future followers with your brand message and intent. Don’t forget to add details like your geographic location as well.

2. You avatar is an egg

As a brand or a business, it is your mortal duty to take the time out to update your Twitter profile pic to something other than the generic “egg” icon. Your logo works best in this scenario.

3. Your account is protected

If you are an individual, you may want to lock your account to protect your privacy. But brand and business, who are on Twitter to gather more followers and to interact with and engage consumers, have no business protecting their profiles. How will your Twitter followers keep track of your Tweets and more importantly, how will they retweet you?

4. You’re not a regular Tweeter

There’s no rule in the Twitter manual that says you must tweet every day, but if you’re only tweeting once a week or (horrors of horrors) once a month, what reason would your Twitter followers have not to unfollow you? No engagement = no followers.

5. You have nothing valuable to share

Sure, it’s happened to the best of us. Everyone suffers from creativity hurdles once in a while. But that doesn’t mean you post stuff like ‘it’s really hot outside today’. Posts like that like don’t add value to anyone’s life and certainly won’t add any to your marketing message.

6. Your Twitter follows are less than the people than you follow

Desperation tends to manifest its ugly head when you start to buy Twitter followers. While you may want to have a large fan following, if you people you follow are more than your followers, there might be a problem to evaluate.

7. It is evident from your profile and tweets that you are on Twitter to sell

Consumers can see right through all your marketing tactics. If you come off to strong as a hard-selling salesman, you’re sure to lose your Twitter followers.

8. Self-promotional links crowd your tweet history

This is an extension of the point above. Twitter is a social medium not for you to sell a product or service directly, but to engage consumers. If that inadvertently leads to conversion, then pat yourself on the back. If not, then keep up the efforts until it does.

9. You only tweet about your brand or business

Don’t be a snore fest. Ok so you’re a business, product or service, but that doesn’t mean you spam your Twitter feed with boring stuff about yourself. Stop tooting your own trumpet. Why? Because this makes it seem like a sales pitch and will often be the final nail in the coffin of your erstwhile followers.

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