Warning Signs that You’re about to Hire the Wrong Content Writer for Technology Writing

November 07, 2013 Content Writing

Joining forces with a good content writer can be a Herculean task. Effective content can have a major impact on your communication with your target audience. If you are a technology company, these issues are magnified. The content writer’s style of writing, quality of work and tone of voice can have a grave impact on your brand image. In technical writing, it is critical that the writer should comprehend the role that effective content plays in a complex sales process, whether that content is in the form of a case study, white paper, webpage, product sheet or a blog article. While there are many facets to excellent content writing, there are a few that stand out and can be a deciding factor in whether or not a person possesses the skills to be a technology content writer or not. These warning signs can help you determine whether you’re about to go down the right path or not. If you look for them carefully, you will able to easily identify the writers who ‘get you’ and those that don’t.

When you’re conversing with your writer, look out for these red signals :

  • They don’t ask about the goals and objectives of your business.
  • They aren’t really interested in asking about who your target audience is.
  • They are not concerned about which stage of the buying cycle the content will be used in.
  • Keywords are not really important to them.
  • They don’t ask you for references to past content so that they can get an idea of your tone of voice etc.

A writer is unlikely to be able to develop content that delivers results if they have no idea about your goals and what you want to achieve with the content you create. Similarly, without an adequate idea about your keywords, they will not be able to create content that is search engine friendly and drives traffic to your web page. And lastly, without an appropriate idea of your past work, a writer will never be able to get the tone of voice correct and neither will they be able to establish a comprehensible flow.

Here are some things to look out for in a technology writer :

  • A technology writer who can ‘write’ about what they claim to be skilled in

    Good technology content writers need to possess a skill and aptitude for the kind of writing they do. Just how not everyone can be a chemical engineer, not everyone can be a good technology content writer. While many are born with a natural flair for writing, writing for technology may require some experience or interest in the field. A creative writer may find it difficult to write a white paper and in the same way, a technology writer may find it unnerving to write a short story.

  • Someone who is Technologically Savvy

    Look for a content writer who is tech-savvy and who do not have to spend much time learning about your product or service. Once you cover all these parameters, you will be closer to that great piece of content.

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