Why Good Web Design Is Important

February 21, 2014 Web Design

Building a website isn’t rocket science, especially with the many free tools available in the market. But just because someone can build a web design, that doesn’t mean that they can design it well. There are many different aspects that go into creating a website that is well-designed and all of these factors need to be kept in mind when designing it. A website that is designed well is absolutely crucial to the success of your business.

A website that is well-designed makes you and your business look professional and increases your credibility in the market. A website that is badly designed, has tons of broken links, bad navigation and irrelevant images and content can reflect negatively on your business as a whole. Today, internet surfers are much more in tune with the online medium and are more sophisticated than they used to be a couple of years ago. Plus, there’s also the fact that there are so many choices for them to make, that if your website isn’t well-designed and doesn’t hook them as soon as they land on it, they are likely to choose another option. That means that you will be driving potential business away from your website. If your site comes across as badly designed and unprofessional, no one is going to want to associate themselves with the business or services that you provide.

Navigation is a very important factor that can determine the success of a website. Bad navigation is one of the most common things that can drive potential customers away from your website. People are looking for something when they arrive at your website and if they can’t find it easily, they are just going to leave and go someplace that they will. It is much easier for them to close your website, and use a search engine to lead them to another site that offers the same services. With a well-designed website, with great navigation, you can keep web users hooked by giving them exactly what they are searching for.

A well-designed website can very well make potential customers exert a certain type of behavior that you as a business owner, wants them to exert. You have built your website for a specific reason. It could be to increase sales, visibility, to provide consumers with information or to have people sign up to be part of a mailing list etc. Either way, as a business, you are aiming to achieve a certain goal. Your website must be designed in order to achieve that goal. Whatever is your goal, should be your main focus.

Your website is one of the most visible, most accessible aspects of your business. It is often the very first interaction that many people have with your business and can, therefore, be instrumental in forming the first impression. Many businesses forget about this critical aspect when they are designing their website. They do so only to have an online presence and don’t think much else of it. View your website as an entity in itself, and you will reap the benefits for an extended period of time.

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