Why is Yii Fast and Furious – (Infographic)

January 16, 2014 Web Design

Yii one of the most in-demand open source web application framework today. What has made it so popular is that it is simply ready to serve you with all ease. Whether it is a simple website or a massive one with a large number of functionalities, Yii is undeniably the best choice. Yii stands for ‘Yes It Is’ and is pronounced as ‘Yee’. This open source framework has been done in PHP5 and is suited best for developing Web 2.0 applications. Building difficult and complex applications with Yii is like a cakewalk for developers.

Yii is famous for its Castle Security, Speed like an F1 car and rich features. It simplifies the development process and helps you build an extremely effective, simple and a maintainable end product. On top of that, Yii is free to download and distribute. Yii framework proves to be an ideal one because it offers the host of benefits than any other PHP framework.

We would say ‘Yii the love of developers!’ as this framework has made things easier for developers and provides them hassle-free development environment. With the release of Yii 2.0 (Beta), the framework has become popular and is generating buzz around it.

Here are some more outstanding features of Yii.

#1 Speedy:

Yii is known for its speed. This is because it uses lazy loading method which means, any class or object will not be loaded until it is called. This makes it light with well-optimized code. This allows the applications to load faster within the fraction of seconds.

#2 Ready-Made Code (Bonus!):

Yii has inbuilt code generation tools. The platform helps to generate code instantly. All you have to do is simply fabric the code you want, and you are done. The piece of cake! Right?

#3 Database Access Objects (DAO):

This framework has simplified the life of developers as they can shun the long and tedious task of writing repetitive SQL queries. It allows developers to model database data in terms of objects.

#4 Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern:

Yii’s MVC feature makes web development a seamless activity. It also enables the clean separation of concerns (SOC) which aids to separate the representation of information from user’s interaction with it.

M for Model: Represents the data and the business rules.
V for View: Includes elements of user interface like text, form inputs.
C for Controller: Manages the communication between Model and View.

#5 AJAX-enabled widgets:

The other outstanding feature of Yii is that it comes with AJAX facilitated widgets that allow developers to create highly effective and efficient User Interfaces.

#6 Easy Yii Setup (Double Bonus!):

Development tasks have been made easy by Yii Demos. In these demos, you get a chance to keenly observe someone else generating the codes. This provides an easy, interactive and inspiring way to write codes.

#7 CRUD:

This feature has made the process much simpler and saves a whole lot of time. CRUD stands for Create, Update and Delete. For example, if you are creating a project management tool, all you have to do is to create a project table and the required fields in the database; and then using the Gii (link) you can simply generate the tool. Yes, it’s that easy!

#8 Authentication and Authorization:

Another important feature of Yii is that it possesses inbuilt authentication and authorization functionality supported through graded role-based access controls (RBAC). With this component, you can perform functionalities like Login and Logout user, checking user access to specific operation and also to see if a user is logged in or not.

#9 Highly Secured (!important):

Yii is highly secured in nature. It provides security against the three main attacks that a website can suffer from namely XSS, SQL Injection, CSRF and Cookie Attacks. Yii very well takes care of these and protects your web application.

#10 Library Rich with Extensions:

Yii is rich with extensions. There are some awesome extensions like Twitter Bootstrap, gii-migration-generator, eprism, hzl-toastr, User Module, yml-generator and so on; the list here is never-ending.

Now if you want to make web applications faster, move to Yii.


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