6 set of skills a motion designer possess to inspire

November 27, 2015 Graphic Design

Motion animation, motion graphics, flat animation, graphical video presentation are different notations how people recognize moving graphics. The world has seen how motion graphics have survived and grown since the time of Charlie Chaplin to Charlie Sheen and still has a promising future. Everything we perceive is growingly having a touch of motion graphic animation, every movie, TV show, advertising, etc. The current scenarios itself are witnesses to the approaching motion graphic wave.As you all know, we have recently started video creation services, we decided to acquaint you with the basics of motion design and video graphics.

Here are a few hacks to turn the tables round:

  • Pose as a graphic designer or be one!

    Possessing graphic designing skills is one of the essentials that holds utmost importance! A motion designer gives life to static graphic illustrations. Creating graphics is the first step of creating the video, like c’mon, you must have an object to rotate it!!

  • Paper projects reduces rework and raises the certainty of perfection

    Sometimes it’s so difficult to construct a figure on a computer but far easier to sketch it on a paper. Our LOGO blog also mentions the importance of paper work. So creating a storyboard comes very handy and eases the pain of recreating designs for minor issues, like if you choose to place a coin in the characters hand but it does not look visually appealing, it is easier to work it out on the paper beforehand rather than making changes at end stage. It reduces the chances of getting ideas wrongly and more over helps you sculpt the perfect castle in your mind. To help you understand better we have included an infographic, #Tips for creating a successful storyboard! Bonus! It will save you a lot of time

  • 3D skills

    Along with increasing popularity for 2D videos, with the dynamic technological advances, 3D animation is equally gaining importance and is being used vastly, e.g. Movies, TV shows, News Channels, such examples are many! So polish your 3D animation skills today.

  • Master the skill of Animation

    No need to discuss this, if you are a motion designer it’s no brainer to you. But in motion design, setting the key frames after one another is not just enough, a thorough knowledge about animation and various tools is a must (here are a few Video creation software you might be familiar with, Adobe After effects, Adobe Illustrator, Maxon Cinema 4D, AUTODESK MAYA are great to start with). You must know how to move objects in a visually appealing manner to actually make your video work well or as great as you want! You should know when to pause, when to stress, when to ease out and you should understand the character of your video to bring it to life.

  • Use of design nuclears, ‘typography and color scheme’

    You might know the correct use of ‘typography’ and ‘colors’ reading our previous blogs. The appropriate use of typography and colors is one of the most essential elements of learning and creating visual designs. And its use is explosive! Wrong colors and wrong typography can kill your video.

  • Creativity and Originality

    Is there anything that’s new to you? If yes, what world are you living in, dude? Run if you wanna be successful, rather wanna just be good at what you do and want to do good to continue. If it’s creative, people will watch and acknowledge it. If you’re original, people will copy you and get inspired by you. Just think! You might also inspire people… 

    Have more hacks to add? Comment below and let us know. We are all ears!

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