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What we do

We are a brand design company that helps your brand become a household name. If you want to blow the brains of public with corporate identity designs so appealing, on each and every detail of your business that they see, Infinista Concepts is the company you can trust blindfolded!

Why you should need what we do

Hey! Did you just ask yourself why you need Corporate Identity? Then ponder over this-

Have you ever been a part of a conversation where Apple is mentioned and you think of the fruit and not the iPhone or iPad? Hell No! Even when you Google the word ‘Apple’, the first results page shows references of the tech company Apple and not the fruit. That is exactly what brand identity is. It takes years for a company to build its reputation. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Microsoft, Coca Cola or even Facebook for that matter.

Careful strategies, akin to a military attack, are needed to develop a brand that connects with its target audience and dashes ahead of its competitors faster. Bottom line is that, every day thousands of products are launched, whose promoters are supremely confident of their uniqueness and connect with the audience. However, only a few manage to stay afloat. Think about it- numerous messenger services like Line, WeChat and Viber were launched, but only WhatsApp stayed with us. Smart entrepreneurs realize that having an innovative product is just half the job done. You need to blow your own horn tactically for people to take notice.

Why Choose us

You can rely on Infinista Concepts as a brand identity builder to come up with letter heads, website design, logos, brochure designs, banners, business and every other visual that would instantly scream your brand name for customers to identify with. The years of experience gained in making different brands trend has provided us with a solid mix of pics and visuals to convert your Next Big Thing to the Now Big Thing. Our services would definitely add the much needed swag to your brand, to make it the next viral thing. Here is what we can do to make you a super star:

You’re our #1

Down to the dream within the dream that got you to start the firm till we become your business’ God parents.

Awesomely talented team

Awesomely talented team

Our super cool team of designers knows how to approach the task better than an assembly line up.

Mind boggling designs

Mind boggling designs

Our Maverick Mitchell designers would dare to come up with stunning web and graphic designs.

`Razor sharp strategies

Razor sharp strategies

Stay assured that your graphics, GIFs, and corporate designs are being directed at your target audience.


Keeping it stylish

Trust our graphics and web designing team to come up with the most stylish corporate identity design.

Stitch in Time

Stitch in Time

Unlike others, we do not work on Indian Stretchable Time, and deliver your requirements to you pronto.

In an age, where brand wars like Times of India-Hindu and Samsung-Apple make front page news, it is best to hire a pro to take care of your visuals and public image.

Let’s connect to make your brand as run-after as the apple with one bite mowed down!


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