GIFs on Facebook ; The mischief begins.

September 21, 2015 digital marketing

It’s been exceptionally long but Facebook, our apparent best friend/extremely close relative, has finally granted us the power to communicate in GIFs on the social network. The billion dollar company has discreetly rolled out a “much awaited” update which lets GIFs play natively as a part of the regular news feed. If you think it’s just another halfway workaround that Facebook launched two years ago, you couldn’t be any wronger…

GIFs are the perfect tools to convey your feelings to the world.

This being said,

Yes, you should start believing your eyes because there’s actually a real way to post a GIF on Facebook. You can now, without a doubt, copy the URL of your favorite moving image, post it in the status update bar, and watch it appear in all its hypnotic glory. As we’ve always heard the much used – often abused the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, we can now finally convey our feelings to our friends on the astonishingly populous website. No wonder, people across the globe are appreciating this amazing update by Facebook because sometimes words really fall short and we can’t appropriately explain ourselves. Say for example, what do you say when you have no idea what, the fuck is going on in your life? Go on, try it, if you can do better than the GIF, you can have all our cats. We can guarantee that you will never find the right words to explain it, but with a GIF, it’s entirely possible. If you have a hard time believing us, see for yourself.

*when you have no idea what’s going on with your life*

Well, looks like the cats will stay a bit longer.

You can now post GIFs in the comments too! ( you couldn’t ask for more )

There’s still more to it. While the famous social network did add the support for natively posting GIFs, the option to add them in regular comments was not added. *sigh*
Thankfully, a brand new and much-needed chrome extension was just released which lets us do the exact thing without many efforts. Well, damn you, Facebook! After this, all you need to do is make well use of the Facebook GIF button which permits you to post GIFs in comments without actually leaving Facebook. Now, any of Facebook’s 1.4 billion users can curse each other without actually using the “curse words”. Simply say GIF *insert appropriate moving image* you!

It’s going to work better than the F word since it still gets your point across without you turning into a potty mouth.

Stop talking and post a GIF.

GIFs can be taken from wherever you want and aren’t restricted to just a few sites. It just makes words that much less necessary to this whole internet thing. You don’t even need to worry about your news feed being flooded with a clutter of moving images. The GIFs won’t play unless you want them to. You can now adequately get your feelings across to the world and post a GIF of “Kanye un-smiling” on all of those lame status updates you’ve been facepalming at, all this time.

Happy, yes?
Of course, you are because there’s a perfect GIF for every occasion.
All there’s left to do now is find the perfect GIF for today. Might we suggest this or this or this?

Have fun and Happy GIFing!

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