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What we do


Infinista Concepts is an all-in-one infographic design company, completely in telepathy with the changing digital times. If you want your company page to go viral and sales to skyrocket, we are the forces you should join hands with.


Why you should need what we do


Let’s face it- the age of social media has reduced our attention span from 12 to 8 seconds. One moment, your potential customer is checking out the latest scoop on Donald Trump, while the next moment s/he is ROFLOL after watching a kitten chase a laser light video. Keeping up with the changes in digital media is akin to racing against Usain Bolt. Therefore, building a brand using social media as your foothold is a humongous task, (the kind that Rocky Balboa had while fighting Ivan Drago in Rocky IV).


Why Choose us?


Backed by years of experience gained while working with all sized businesses all over the world, Infinista Concepts perfectly understands the mantra to build your brand and converting Shares, Likes and Subscribes to Sales. And could we have MORE SWAG while doing it??


The cool flip-flop-and-ripped-jeans-wearing metal-head nerds o’ Infinista Concepts make use of a pinch of infographics, a dash of SEO and a whole lotta content to make your page engaging with your target audience. Curious much? Here is an uncut version of how we work as an infographic design company:


Forming the Story Board

Based on your inputs , we will spin a tale that perfectly showcases your brand and engages your audience.



We know how important it is to KISS (Keeping it Simple, Stupid!). All our infographics are kept simple for maximum results.


Snazzy Styling

If oomph and panache is what you are looking for, then we are the infographic design agency that makes it possible.


Gluing Eyeballs

Our creative geniuses know best how to work with designs that work better than FeviQuik to make eyes stick to your page.


Etch a Sketch

We are an infographics design agency that doesn’t believe in only photoshop-ing stock images, but builds everything from scratch.


Strategizing to Drop Bombs

Be it Facebook or Twitter, we will make sure your campaigns are up with the trending topics of the day.

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