Manipulating the virtual magnet

Knowledge application with smart word baits.

Ways of communication have changed more in last 5 years, than last 500!

Could you imagine the drastic migration?

The people have chosen their Darth Vader- Social Media, the strongest broadcasting Jedi ever! Have you joined the force yet? If not, then buckle up, he is coming for you. In today’s world, if you are not a part of social media, you are as good as the outdated floppies. The force of social media marketing is so powerful that if your business is unable to make an identity in the social space, 70% of your marketing channels are already closed.

Why must your business need the freaking Jedi, Social media?

Because it’s got the support of the masses, and amongst them are your target audiences and potential prospects. The new generation is pounding on it and the wave is catching the older parents too!

Social Media is kind of a magnet which has attracted every young and old towards it in the recent years. In fact, now, people no more use the social media to connect with present and long lost friends so much but to explore other aspects of the world such as shopping, news, reading or watching trends and keeping pace with the fast moving world.

This calls for an expert social media agency, who can project your enterprise in a winsome way and urge thousand and one people to look up to your brand as their first choice.

How do we qualify as your Social Media speaker?

Much like Robert McKee, we at Infinista Concepts believe that “Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today”. Ever seen the sparkling eyes of a child listening to a new story? Same will be the feelings of your followers each time your brand’s promo flashes in front of them or they visit your social media zone. We believe marketing is all about storytelling and spreading the presence.

How do we build the brand on social media?


USPs loaded

We load our social media machine gun with your USPs and keywords, and fire!


It’s all connected

We weave an interconnected channel and correlate all the digital marketing activities.


Make ’em Curious

Our stories are intruding which makes the audience curious to check you out!


We optimize

Not just marketing, we optimize all your marketing channels to professionalism.


Change is constant

We continually improvise the strategies to keep pace with the trends and top it.


Targeted strategies

We increase traffic, engagement and fan following with targeted strategies.

A good team with loads of common sense and storytelling skills is all you require to market your brand on the social media. With Infinista, you have a team of well-honed specialists to work on every fraction of the plan and execute it with wit.

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