Best Search engine optimization (SEO) practices for small scale businesses in 2013 – (Infographic)

October 24, 2013 digital marketing

Today’s era is all about World Wide Web. A successful business needs online reputation, to reach a wide range of customers. And to achieve this SEO is the best solution.

Search engine optimization is all about attracting web traffic to your website. SEO is important for small-scale businesses also so as to become popular on the internet.

SEO practices for small-scale businesses increase the local and worldwide reach. SEO practices can make you reputable and pull in more visitors and thus give higher rankings with increased profits.

Here are some best SEO practices to boost your credibility, ranking and authority in your niche which will appeal your users and of course the search engines

1. Quality content

Don’t copy recycle, avoid overstuffing make it to the point. Content is the king of your website to make it exclusive. Use short and simple language because people scan your website they don’t read it. Make use of lists, paragraphs, images, videos. Make it attractive. Keep on updating your content.

2. Social media

Interacting regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ would give better returns on the search engines.

3. Long tail keywords

These are less commonly used, so less competition thus gives u targeted audience. Use their search as your keywords.

4. Go mobile

Statistics has shown 9 out of 10 people make use of their smartphones to browse the internet. So make your website responsive. Optimize your website to mobile devices to get potential visitors this will not keep you behind.

5. MetaTags

Nice Meta descriptions will act as hook, bring you more customers leaving behind other searches. Writing your address and contact with simple and focused keywords will be more effective than overstuffing with lots of keywords.

6. Do it Different

Do it innovatively and make it creative with new facts and new ideas. Make it look different and attractive to get large number of visitors.

7. Backlinks

To own a great website use backlinks. The number of backlinks higher is the rank on the search engines. Backlinks improve SEO ranking.

8. Stay current

Keep your website updated keep it fresh. Post things on your website often. Update your website at least once a week. This attracts visitors don’t make it static.

9. Content marketing

Currently content marketing is way for top branding and marketing. And that’s why sites like Wikipedia have ruled the search engines since years. Content marketing will not only improve your search ranking but also establish a brand for your business.

10. Pictures

Adding pictures to your website is very effective. This is because you will not only be found on general search but also in the image search of the search engines.

These SEO practices can definitely increase your authority to be found on the search engines. Using these practices will make you wonders and enlarge your small business widely with a large number of loyal visitors. These practices will help you to survive in this technological evolution and competition.


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